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How to Backup and Recover Data Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8

How to Backup and Recover Data Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8

For iOS 7 new UI, new official application icon color saturation is too high, too bright, too strong sense of presence, not in tune with the black body. Multitasking management changed the background software, in addition to the current market the iPhone 5 has reached 1G memory other small memory devices, so obviously insufficient memory. What’s more is power loss, no doubt this is certain. Really running in the background, as well as shake phone wallpaper switching sufficient to increase power loss.

With the new Apple iOS system iOS 7 release, certainly attract a lot of users especially ahead of Apple fans try new features. However, the new system there are still some uncertainties and weaknesses as mentioned above, which make so many iOS 7 system users frustrated, and began to miss the previous iOS 6 at the same time.

While some users after downgraded the system back to iOS 6 beta, unfortunately, they found all data was lost which in their iOS device. When it comes to iCloud backups, you won't be able to use an iOS 7 backup on an iOS 6 device, you also won't be able to recover any jailbreak with saved blobs. What can we do? Is there any solution to backup and recover data from iOS device when downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6 beta? This of course is yes, iPhone Data Transfer enable to easily backup SMS,Contacts,Photo,Video,Playlist,iTunes U and more from iPhone, iPod or iPad to PC. Next, we will introduce how to backup data file before downgrand to iOS 6. If you wondering how to downgrade iOS 7 back to iOS 6 beta, please click Here to read more.How to backup data files from iPhone/ iPad/ iPod before downgrand to iOS 6?

Download the free trial version below to manage your idevice files. Choose the right version and try it for free! iOS Data Manager or iOS Data Manager(Mac) .

      How to Export Music, Video, Playlists and More to iTunes & PC

      How to manage Media files on computer

How to Export Music, Video, Playlists and More to iTunes & PC?

First, connect your device(s) via a USB cable(s) and open the program window.

To export all media on your iPhone/iPod/iPad to iTunes library, click "Export iDevices to iTunes" in the primary window. This will helps you export music, videos, Podcasts, audiobooks and more to iTunes with 1 click. While, to transfer music to computer, click "Export Music to Folder".

Or, you can also transfer any media to itunes or PC in the media manament window. Simply click files you want to export, then click the Export button on the menu bar. You can even directly export media files to your iTunes library, your computer and even your other iDevices.

 When you decide to transfer music from your iPod, iPhone and iPad to iTunes, you can directly click "Smart Export to iTunes". It can only transfer songs not in iTunes Library.


How to Manage Media

How to Import Media

To import music, videos, TV shows, music videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, and Audiobooks, simply click on Media in the left column, then either click music, video, etc. Then click the triangle under "Add" button >"Add File" or "Add Folder". This will bring up your Windows file browser, from which you can select files to import from your PC.

Convert Video/Audio to an iOS-optimized Format

When you select a video or music file to import, the program will prompt you whether or not you want to quick convert the file to an iOS-optimized format. In most cases this is recommended. You can also extract MP3 from video files when adding videos to your music playlist.

How to Manage Playlists

You can create playlists and add music and video,etc. to your iDevices. Right click Playlist to create a new playlist, then click the Add button to import music and videos from your PC.

What's more about iOS Data Manager

iPhone iPad iPod Data Manager is such a useful assistant for export music, video, playlists and more to iTunes & PC, the more as the following to show the powerful soft you don’t know through above.

1. Transfer all files on iPhone, iPod, iPad to iTunes or PC,vice versa
2. Manage files on iPhone, iPod & iPad what iTunes can’t!
3. Export Music on Your iDevices to iTunes & PC
4. Transfer Photos between iPhone, iPad, iPod and Computer
5. Manage iPhone Contacts & SMS without iTunes
6. Directly Transfer Files between Apple Devices with one Click

7. Transfer Music & Videos from PC to iPod/iPad and iPhone in lossless quality

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