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Apple iOS7 official release: bring hundreds of new features

iOS 7 system on at WWDC this year after meeting with us, after a six versions, and finally at 1:00 today to upgrade to the full version officially released. In this 6 version, we have witnessed a little bit of the growth of this new system, such as from Beta 4 version added squared input method, as well as a variety of small details of the optimization improvements, iOS 7 official version of just such a stick flat oriented style, while optimizing the details of the new system to seek growth.

In iOS 7 before the arrival of the official version, in order to cope with the latest version of the mobile operating system was born, Apple has been ahead of the iBooks had a slight update, then turn iTunes upgraded to version 11.1. Equipment support convenient, currently ios7 systems Supported devices include iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad 2, The New iPad, iPad 4, iPad mini, and iPod touch 5, other iOS devices do not compatible. From the author of the master of the situation, the user will need to advance before upgrading iTunes to upgrade to iTunes 11.1, to be able to equipment installation ios7 system.

But from Apple's previous big update for iOS system case point of view, some of the older devices, while supporting the upgrade, but may appear Caton phenomenon, so I recommend using Apple iPhone 4 users, or to weigh before upgrading in order to avoid inconvenience to use.

New features for iOS 7, before we have a few Beta version of the system for improved accordingly did introduce, iOS 7 official version added more details of the optimization, but in the mode of operation does not occur too many changes, the use of over-Beta release of a friend after the official version upgrade, the operation will not feel there are too many differences. And then I will be here for a summary of all systems under iOS 7 upgrade some of the new features:

New design:

- Redesigned interface, the entire system and each built-in applications have been updated

- Subtle movements and animation effects; layered and translucent design provides a sense of depth

- Elegant and beautiful new color and layout

- Updating the system and the telephone ringing sound

Control Center

- Push up from the bottom of the screen brought quick access to common controls and applications

- On and off flight mode, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, disturbance patterns; adjust screen brightness; access to media control; open AirPlay and AirDrop

- Quick access flashlights, timers, calculators, cameras and music control

Improved Notification Center

- The new "Today" view gives you overview of the day, including the weather, calendar and stock

- In a single device notification will disappear disappear on all devices

Improved multi-tasking

- Between open applications can preview their screens

- Allows any application in the background to keep the content up to date

Improved camera

- Finger push to switch between different camera modes - video, still pictures, square angle and panorama mode

- Use iPhone 4S or new models and iPod touch (5th generation) using real-time photo filters

Improved photo

- Based on the time and location automatically organize your photos and videos to the "moment"

- "ICloud photo sharing" support multiple contributors and video, including the new "activity" view

- Add a photo filter effects

- Support for Flickr and Vimeo


- With people around quickly and easily share content

- Can be done without network or set up a secure, encrypted transmission

- Support iPhone5, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini and iPod touch (5th generation), you need to use iCloud account

Improved Safari browser

- New iPhone tab allows you to view web pages open easily switch between

- Unified intelligent search field, you can simultaneously search terms and Web address

- "Shared links" to show your concern on Twitter to share web pages

iTunes Radio

- Streaming broadcasting service

- Gathered in more than 250 boutique and unique style in carefully selected radio

- Use your favorite performers and songs to create your own radio station

Siri improvements

- A more natural sound of the new male and female, to support American English, French and German

- Complete Wikipedia, Twitter search and Bing Web search results

- Changes include wireless LAN, Bluetooth and brightness settings, including

- Support for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, with a Retina display iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch (5th generation)

Improved App Store

- Through the "My Popular nearby App" to view your current location related applications

- In the "Kids" category to find suitable applications and for all ages

- The application automatically kept up to date

- "Find My iPhone" activation lock

- Close the "Find My iPhone", to erase the device, re-activation and cancellation of operational requirements using iCloud Apple ID password

- Even be remotely erased after the custom message still displayed on your device

Improved iTunes Store

- In the iTunes Store preview and purchase your iTunes songs heard on radio

- Add to iTunes Wish List, and from which the purchase

- Use the camera scans the code to redeem iTunes Gift Card

Improved music

- Play has been stored in iCloud buy music

- Rotate your iPhone or iPod touch come through "album graffiti wall" browse your music

Improved video

- Play has been stored in iCloud purchase movies and TV shows

- From the "related items" to view movies and TV shows like

Improved map

- The proposal for walking route planning

- Night mode automatically switches

- Shared between devices via iCloud Bookmarks

Mail improvements

- New smart mailbox, including "unread", "accessory", "all drafts" and "To" or "Cc"

- Improved search functionality

- View PDF annotations

FaceTime audio call

Prevent unwanted calls, caller information, and FaceTime

MMS support sending long

Any drop in the main screen to display the Spotlight search

Get Passbook certificates by scanning

New phone ringtone, alarm clock, reminders, and system sounds

Show more languages ​​can be selected word definition: Italian, Korean and Dutch

"Compass" application inclinometer

Support Wi-Fi HotSpot 2.0


- Limb mobility can now "switch control" to control their devices

- Custom Caption Style

- VoiceOver support handwriting input

- VoiceOver support for using the Nemeth Braille Math Input

- To choose from a number of quality voice for reading selection and VoiceOver

- Made for iPhone hearing aids and support for iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) stereo audio

Enterprise Features

- Manage which applications you want to use and account opening documents and attachments

- By application enable VPN

- App Store license management

- Enterprise Single Sign-On

- Remote configuration is managed applications

- Protection of third-party application data automatically

- Exchange Notes synchronization

- Install custom fonts

- New management query and access restrictions

Educational function

- Apple TV mobile device management

- Request from the student equipment AirPlay Mirroring to Apple TV

- Pre-configured AirPlay and AirPrint printer destination location

- Simplifies MDM Register

- Restrict changes to accounts

- Web Content Filtering

- Authorized applications can launch a single application mode

- Configure a single application mode accessibility settings

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