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How to Delete iPhone data completely and permanently

How to Delete iPhone data completely and permanently

When the Apple introduced its new generations of mobile phone-iPhone 5S and 5C to the world, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C configured more features than all the previous generations. Many people around me told me that they want to sell their old iPhone for 5S or 5C. I told them that you must pay more attentions to the personal data safety because most important data including contacts, SMS, photos,videos, call history and safari bookmarks are still stored on your old iPhone.

For the purpose of keep your privacy safe, you’d better do something before you change or sell your old iPhone. Deleting all data on your iPhone completely and permanently is a best choice to prevent your important private data from leaking.

iPhone Data Eraser is created to help you to erase all stuff on you iPhone including Contacts,SMS, system setting, apps ,call logs, photos ,videos, bookmark and more. From this article you will know how to use iPhone Data Eraser to deleted iPhone data completely before you sell it.

One click to download iPhone Data Eraser then one click to delete all your iPhone data permanently. You can download iPhone Data Eraser trail version from below button.

How to wipe you iPhone data completely before selling your iPhone

Step 1. run the iPhone Data Eraser then connect your iPhone to the computer
After you install this iPhone data Eraser then launch it on your computer. Then connect your iPhone with a USB cable to the computer.The iPhone data Eraser will automatically detect your device, After detected, you are able to see the main windows as below

Backup the important data if you don’t want to delete them

Step 2. Choose Erase mode

The WIPE OVER means to erase all data and settings permanently.

Note: WIPE DELETED FILESis not available yet.

Step 3. Start to erase all data on your device

There are three modes of security levels for you to erase all data on your iPhone. You can choose any of them according your need. Higher levels will cost you more time to finish the erasing process. Here we’ll choose the default one - the medium one which will overwrite your iPhone with junk files to ensure that the files can not be recoverable and no one knows that you’ve deleted all data on your iPhone. After that, all thing recovered from your iPhone are all junk files. And then click “START WIPE”.

The low level - the software will erase and overwrite all your data with zeros to ensure that the files are not recoverable. When recovering data from your iPhone, you can only find zeros from it.
The high level - it meets the DOD5220 – 22M standard. When you choose this level, the data on your iPhone will be erased and overwritten by three times. You can get a better insurance.

Step 4. Wait to the end of process then Click “Done”to finish wiping

All the stuff on your iPhone will be deleted permanently when the process over. Your iPhone now is a whole new one. No one can recover data from it, regardless of using any data recovery software.

Note: Make a list of all your accounts like iCloud, Dropbox. Pandora,etc. Stop them all from linking to your iPhone. Then take the SIM card out of your iPhone and get it ready for selling on eBay or other sale places.

After wipe all data on you iPhone with iPhone Data Eraser, you need not to worry about the leaking of your privacy, so you can freely to sell your old iPhone and get a new mobile phones as you wish.

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