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How to Recovery Deleted or Lost File from Samsung Galaxy Tablet

How to Recovery Deleted or Lost File from Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Because of lightweight, convenient, and the function is perfect, Samsung Galaxy Tablet is widely used in entertainment and business, bring great convenience to people. Nevertheless, data loss has been a common problem facing many smartphone or tablet users. Photos, songs, movies, videos, contacts, text messages and many other data files, some of these data files are important or valuable to us, wheather there is an easy way to get them back?

In fact, these deleted or lost data files are still stay in your Samsung tablet, it's just generating system files are hidden in the tablet, you can not see and use, or recovery them but use a recovery tool.

Samsung Tablet Recovery is not your only option, but one of your best choice. The program allows you to scan, preview and recover all your lost pictures, videos contacts, text messages and more from vast majority of Samsung and Android tablets or SD Cards inside, which lost due to accidentally deletion, rooting, restore factory setting, flashing ROM, etc. What’s more, it is only read and recover the data, no personal info leaking.

The free trial versions for Windows or Mac are available for you to download and try:

Few Steps easy to Recovery Deleted or Lost File from Samsung Galaxy Tablet

First of all, download and install Samsung Tablet Recovery on your computer. You can choose Windows version and Mac version as you need. Here we take the Windows version for an example.

Step 1: Connect your Samsung Tablet to the PC
Open the software and the window shows up as follow. Connect your Samsung device to the computer via USB now.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging on the Device
Then, the program will remind you to enable USB debugging on your Samsung device so it can be detected. Tips are shown in the interface, do as it says:
1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter "Settings" < "Applications" < "Development" < "USB debugging".
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < "Developer options" and check "USB debugging".
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter "Settings" and choose "About Phone". Press "Build number" for several times until you are told that "You are under developer mode". Return to "Settings" < "Developer options" < "USB debugging".

Step 3: Scan your Samsung for Lost Files
Now, you can click on "Start" button to have your Samsung scanned for all deleted data files. The process will last some minutes and you can get the remaining time from the progress bar.

The following window may pop up after you click "Start". Don't worry, you just need to go back your Samsung homescreen and press "Allow" until it disappears. Click "Start" again to continue the scanning process.

Step 4: Preview and Selectively Check Files to Recover
You will get the results on the left when the scanning comes to end. "Messages", "Contacts", "Videos" and other files found by the program are all listed in categories. Go to preview them as you like. Find the files you'd like to get back and check them. Click "Recover" and save them well on your computer.


What’s More about Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery is the world’s 1st data recovery software for Android Smartphones and Tablets, which Support multiple brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony,Huawei,ZTE,ect.

-Directly recover deleted SMS text messages and contacts from Android.
-Retrieve photos and video lost due to deleting, restoring factory settings, flashing ROM, rooting, etc., from SD cards inside Android devices.
-Preview & selectively recover messages, contacts and photos before recovery
-Support multiple Android phones and tablets, like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony,Huawei,ZTE,ect.
-Only read and recover the data, no personal info leaking.

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