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How to Save Electricity for iPhone

Although smart mobile phones compared to traditional rave reviews, but mobile phone standby time serious insufficient also complain as mountain. Actually smart phones due to the large screen and background application is overmuch, cell phone cruising ability has become a common fault, and even the world's most popular mobile phone iPhone, expecially iPhone 5, also can't get away from this awkward, but through the proper optimization, iPhone can also save electricity, to achieve a longer standby time. Based on the latest iPhone 5 as an example below, to teach you how to save electricity for the iPhone 5 , also fit for other mobile phone with the iPhone, Apple fans users is worth a look.

iPhone 5 Power Saving Settings Techniques:

First, let me tell you what is the iPhone 5 “power-hungry”, 3G network is the most power consumed, then Siri and Wifi, backstage push function, listening to music, watching movies and so on are the “power-hungry”, so we make the iphone 5 save electricity must be to optimize the power draw. Next, take a look at how to set up makes the iPhone 5 could save electricity.

1. If your iPhone 5 not use 3G network, so be sure to close the 3G function, in addition if you are using 3G network, closed 3G network when not use the phone in order to save electricity, 3G network consume large amounts of electricity.

2. Change the default open Siri function, when not use not open it. We all like Siri, but if it's not going to use, close it is better, keep it close until when you are going to use it, Siri also are a power hog.

3. Turn off Ping, just listen to music. Ping as music share platform specifically create for Apple users, to save electricity, shut down when not in use. By the way, this feature in the Chinese version, seems to be relentlessly ignored.

Close the Push Mail Function. If Push (Push) is opened, once the associated email box with email, system will automatically email pushed to the text, aeriform in increasing power loss. In order to save electricity, it is recommended that you keep Push off, check the mail frequently.

5. Close the Online Download Function. Online download function can let your phone download music or video which buy on other devices. Keep it close to save electricity if you don't have to use.

6. Turn off the Background Process.

7. Turn down the Brightness. Your screen cost a lot of power, so you should put the brightness down, and good for your eyes.

8. Turn off the iphone 5 Update Remind Functions. Removed all the remind content out of the notification center.(in notification center) to (NOT in notification center).

9. Shut down the Local Service. Read your location is require electricity, turn it off if you want to save electricity, open only when must be used.

10. Turn off the Automatic Detection Time Zone Function. For many people, iPhone power loss fast is caused by the function. So, people who often travel on business not to open this function. No matter Eastern, central, mountain time, Pacific time, Alaska, or Hawaii, you know is enough.

11. Turn off the vibration when playing the game. Apparently, if you turn on the vibration when you are playing the game, it will spend you a lot of  the electricity. So if it is not necessary, you can turn off the vibration which can save more  power for you.

12. Setting Auto Lock within 1 minute. The auto lock function of iPhone will help you turn off the screen when you forget. You can set the  time for auto lock as one minute or two minutes which will help to save more electricity. (In the  Settings → General → Auto Lock Set)

13. Shut down to Restart. If all of the above methods are failure, will have to restart. Instruments sometimes really don't be understand. Setting is right, just don't work, restart it again often can magically work. But don't forget to backup before closing. 

14." When can ride would never choose to walk !" If you think you can't accept the above methods, or found that above methods are not work , prepare a Portable Power Source with you is your last choice.

As well as Saving Electricity, Lost or Deleted
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