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How to Recover Lost Data from USB Flash Drive

How to Recover Lost Data from USB Flash Drive

Along with the computer miniaturization, the rapid development of network and multimedia and sharp growth in the popularity of broadband network and the global amount of information, people use large capacity data file of the frequency is higher and higher. People urgently need a kind of lightweight portable, high-speed transmission, security and stability of the large capacity of mobile storage devices. Because of highly integrated, large capacity, fast save and read, convenient and flexible, good performance price ratio, easy to keep, etc., so USB Flash Drive is deeply loved by people and widely used. It can be used in any different hardware platform (PC, MAC, laptop), you can pass data to each other as long as there is USB port on your computer.

All of the above features brings great convenience to people life and handle official bussiness. However, anything have pros and cons. Improper use, mistakenly deleted,format by careless and so on cause data lost, and even found all data was gone when open it. Unfortunately, these data are very important or valuable for you. Is there any way to restore lost data from USB Flash Drive?

USB Data Recovery is one of ideal and reliable program which enable you to easily and quickly recover lost, formatted and deleted data from USB Flash Drive. This program provides 'Quick Recovery', 'Deleted Recovery', 'Advanced Recovery' and 'Raw Recovery’ four recovery modes for you to recover up to 185 office files, such as Word, Excel, Power Point files,WPS files PDF, etc. In addition , USB Data Recovery apply to recover Microsoft® Office documents, PDFs, databases, audio and video files, images, backup, Internet files and more.

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USB Data Recovery(Wins) or USB Data Recovery(Mac).


Next, let’s to show How to Recover Lost Data from USB Flash Drive.

Guide: How to Recover Lost Data from USB Flash Drive

Step 1: Download and install USB Data Recovery on your computer
Open the software and you’ll see the interface as below. Choose a module ("Drive Recovery", "CD DVD Recovery", "Photo Recovery") to continue.

Step 2: Select data files and recovery mode
Select the hard disk where your files are lost or deleted or not detected. And select a recovery mode (such as 'Quick Recovery', 'Deleted Recovery', 'Advanced Recovery', 'Raw Recovery') button to continue. Then the program will start to scan for lost data.

Step 3: Scanning and Recover
Now a scanning will be performed. When scanning device finished, there would be a list of files found. Then click the “Recover” butter to recover your lost data from USB Flash Drive on your computer.

Note: Remember not to store the data that have been recovered in the source USB Flash Drive. Instead, choose another safe place like computer hard drive.


What’s more about USB Data Recovery

USB Data Recovery not only can help you recover your Lost, Formatted & Deleted data from USB Flash Drive, but also recover Photos, music, videos and more from Windows computer's hard drive or other storage media on computer,such as camera memory card,SD Card, DVD/CD drives,iPod, ect.

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