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How to Transfer Data from iPhone iPad to Mac for Backup

How to Transfer Data from iPhone iPad to Mac for Backup

"When I decided to sell my old iPhone 4S and buy a fully new iPhone 6, I wondering a simple way to sync all the data like contacts, text messages, photos, videos and more on iPhone 4S to my Macbook Air for backup them, as so I can restore them to my iPhone 6 later on. I have not install iTunes on my Macbook Air, is there any safe way to backup my iPhone 4S data to Mac without iTunes?"

"I felt puzzled when my iPad’s memory is full because of movie, photos and other videos, but I do not want to delete them for that those videos and photos are collected for a long time, I indeed not reluctant to delete them. I looking for a effective method to transfer these media files to my Mac computer, so that I can free up the memory of my iPad, how can I do now? Please help!!"

There is no doubt that periodically backup the data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, on one hand, you can reduce the risk of data loss, on the other hands, you can speed up your iOS device, so that you can enjoy it more cheerfully. However, how to transfer a huge number of data from your iOS device to Mac PC without spend too much of your time and energy? Please take it esay! To easily transfer your data from iPhone iPad to Mac, you just need the all-in-one transfer tool which named Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is an easy-to-use transfer and management program that allows user to transfer data from phone to phone, and backup & restore data from your Android or iDevice with a click. The following guide will tells you how to transfer iPhone iPad data to Mac step by step.

You can free download a trial Mac or Windows version by clicking the corresponding button below to have a try.

Steps to Backup iPhone iPad Data to Mac Computer

Step 1. Launch the Mobile Transfer and connect your iDevice to computer

After downloading, run the Mobile Transfer on your Mac, when the primary window pop up, click "Back Up Your Phone" to show the backup window, meanwhile, take out your device's USB cable to connect it to computer.

Step 2. Backup the selected data to your Mac

When your device is detected, you can see your device and the transferable data like contacts, text messages, call history, photos and more display on the window, just tick the content you want, then click on "Start Copy" to backup them to your Mac PC.

Follow the above steps, you can simple backup your data from any iOS device to your Mac, in addition, if your lost your device, deleted some important data, restored your device to factory settings, or you just want to recover the previous backup to the existing or new iOS device, you can also use this transfer program to easily finish it.

Step 1. Enable the recovery mode

Launch the Mobile Transfer, click "Restore from Backups" > "Restore" to switch to the recovery window. Then connect the iOS device which you wanting to restore the backup to via a USB cable.

Step 2. Restore your iDevice from the saved backup

When you have enter the recovered window. You are allowed to choose one kind of saved backups from a drop-down menu. So far, you can choose to restored backup files that created with Mobile Transfer before, as well as the iTunes backups. Then, your wanted files will be displayed on the middle panel, just choose those what you want and click "Start Copy" to sync them to your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device.



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