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How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Computer

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Computer

There are so many friends and people around me like to chatting with WhatsApp on theirs iPhone. So you can push the messages,  sending pictures, documents, video, etc., which is very convenient, more importantly, you only need to have a network,  without charge. However, for the growing increase of WhatsApp generated data, like WhatsApp chat history, WhatsApp  attachment, etc., you must want to remove them on your iPhone or backup to a computer, to release the memory of your iPhone.  As we all konw, iTunes can sync with iPhone whenever connect your device with computer, but you can not preview anything you  want from the iTunes backup even if you want to extract the WhatsApp data from the backup file. So, in a more thorough  consideration, you are more wisely to backup your WhatsApp data by using iPhone Data Recovery software.

iPhone Data Recovery is the most professional and safely data recovery and backup tool for all iPhone device, including the  lastest iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, as well as iPad Air, iPad mini and so on. With the help of the iPhone Data Recovery, you can  not only transfer your WhatsApp data to computer for backup, but also recover your lost or deleted WhatsApp data from your  iPhone with three efficient methods. Get fun with your WhatsApp and without any problem from now on.

      Part 1: Directly Backup WhatsApp Data to Your Computer
    Part 2: Extract to Backup & Restore WhatsApp Data from iTunes or iCloud Backup File

Download a free trial version of iPhone Data Recovery here, to solve both the backup and recovery problem at the same time.  Next we will take Windows version as an example to showing how to do.
How to Backup & Recover Your WhatsApp Data From iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS

Part 1: Directly Backup WhatsApp Data to Your Computer

Step 1: Launch the program and connect iPhone with your PC

Download and install the iPhone Data Recovery on your computer, after that, launch it. As long as the primary interface pop  up, connect your iPhone to computer via an Apple USB cable.

Step 2: Enable DFU mode and scan your iPhone

When your iPhone is detected, you will be asked to scan data on your device. For iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S users, you just need to  click "Scan" to begin scanning your device. As for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, you may need to enable DFU mode before the  scanning. You can follow the below three steps as the picture to enable DFU mode for your iPhone. Just do it.

If everything is OK, the program will scan your iPhone automatically.

Step 3: Preview the scanning result and backup WhatsApp data to your computer

The scanning will take some of your time, please wait for a while, once the scanning is finished, you can preview all the  found iPhone data in the program, press "WhatsApp" or "WhatsApp attachment" in the menu bar on the left, all the WhatsApp  chat history, messages, and other document will display on the right pane. Marking what you want, just click "Recover" to  backup them to your computer with ease.

Notes: If you want to recover lost or deleted WhatsApp data here, both of the deleted and existing WhatsApp data have theirs  own colour, so that you can easily find and recover them.


Part 2: Extract to Backup & Restore WhatsApp Data from iTunes or iCloud Backup File

If your iPhone is being stolen, broken, or return to factory and so on, and your get a iTunes or iCloud backup file, well,  you can also extract to backup or restore your WhatsApp data from the backup files.

Extract From iTunes Bakcup

Launch the iPhone Data Recovery, and choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File" to enable the iTune backup Extractor, then  choose a backup files as you want to start extract data. When the scanning is done, click "Recover" to backup and restore the  selected WhatsApp data from the iTunes backup file.

Extract From iCloud Bakcup

As the same, run the program and enter "Recover from iCloud Backup File" mode. Here you need to enter the Apple ID and  password to sign in your iCloud account. After that, choose a backup file to download and scan. When the scanning is  complete, you can preview all the found data and save your WhatsApp data to computer with a click.

Read More about the iOS Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery or iPhone Data Recovery (Mac) is an all-in-one data recovery tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod, to restore almost all you lost data, including contacts, messages, call history, notes, Calendars, reminders, Safari bookmarks and so on. However, don't use your device after you lost data from it. Any operation on your device can generate new data, which can overwrite your lost data and make it unrecoverable. 

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