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How to copy data from old phone to iPhone X

How to copy data from old phone to iPhone X

 Apple's iPhone X, released this year, is undoubtedly one of the most successful products this year. IPhone X is the most popular product this year, attracting the attention of many iPhone users.

When you get a IPhone X, you will be able to experience high-end technology and all kinds of interesting new features. When you experience a new mobile phone, don't forget the mobile phone you used. A used cell phone may be more expensive than a iPhone  X. Because the data in the old phone is often meaningful to you, valuable and important.We can upload data to a computer through a data line and then copy it to iPhone X.

The easy way for you to quickly copy the data to iPhone X

Is there a simple convenience to transmit data quickly to iPhone X? Because using data lines to copy the data to the computer and replicate to IPhone is a problem, and time consuming, more steps, omissions, and so on. It's really easy to solve these problems. You only need a data transfer tool. Mobile Trans allows you to transfer data from one device to another in 3 minutes. It not only supports the transmission between devices of the same operating system, but also can transfer between different operation system devices, such as Android to iOS, Android to Saipan, iOS to Saipan, iOS to Android, etc.

Mobile Trans can transmit data including the data we often use in daily life, such as contacts, photos, news, videos, music, WhatsApp messages and so on. Besides being able to transfer data, it has additional functions, such as backup of mobile phone data, and restore your iTunes, iCloud, and OneDrive backups.

Transfer data from Old iPhone to New iPhone X/8/7/6s/6 (Plus) with MobileTrans

MobileTrans Phone Transfer is a powerful tool which allows you to transfer data between different devices and operation system. So, if you'd like to transfer files from old iPhone 4/4s/5/6/6s/7 to new iPhone X/8, MobileTrans is a good choice for you to get it done in 3 steps. So that you can transfer photos, apps, contacts, music and more files from iPhone to iPhone easily.Free download here:


Step 1.Run the Phone Transfer Tool

Run the Phone Transfer tool on the computer,and you will see the window as follows.After that,connect your old iPhone 4/4s/5/6/6s/7 and your iPhone X/8 with the computer via USB cables respectively.Make sure that both devices can be successfully detected by your computer.

Step 2.Choose Phone to Phone Transfer Option

In the main window,choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode,and you will see the program displays as follows.You can use the "Flip" button to switch the places of your phones and make sure that the iPhone X/8 is the destination one.

Step 3. Select the data you want to sync to new iPhone X/8 from old iPhone,iPad

Step 4.Sync All Contents from old iPhone 4/4s/5/6/6s/7 to iPhone X/8

In this step,you will see that all contents that can be transferred are listed in the middle of the window.Check the wanted files and click "Start Copy"(contacts,SMS,photos,call logs,music,videos,calendars,apps are allow to select) to transfer all data from old iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6s/7 to new iPhone X/8.During the process,not to disconnect either device with computer.

Free download the Phone Transfer and sync old iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6s/7 data to new iPhone X/8:


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