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How to Transfer Contacts from Old iPhone to iPhone 5S

How to Transfer Contacts from Old iPhone to iPhone 5S

After a series of outstanding smartphone, the iPhone will usher in a new member, that is right, it is the iPhone 5S. iPhone 5S no matter in appearance, or in terms of performance, there is a certain degree of breakthrough, it will surely provide new user experience for iPhone fans. If when you get an iphone 5S, you definitely want to know what is the simple way to transfer your contacts from the old iPhone.

iPhone Transfer is an easy-to-use tool which enable you to transfer your mobile contents between iOS , Android and Sysbian devices. With the help of iPhone Transfer, your can copy your contacts from old iPhone like iPhone 4/4S/5 to new iPhone 5S just with a click. In addition, this program also allows you to transfer SMS, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps. Comprehensive contact copy, including job title, email addresses, company name, etc.

Free Download the trial version here and follow the step-by-step guide below.

How to Transfer Contacts from Old iPhone to iPhone 5S

At first, download the iPhone Transfer and install on your computer.

Step 1: Running the Phone to Phone Transfer on computer.
After you downloading and installing the program, launch it on your computer, then you will be able to see the primary window.

Phone to Phone Transfer need to use iTunes interface. Thus, to transfer contacts between  iPhones, you must install iTunes on your computer. Please make sure that you have installed iTunes on your computer; if not, install it.

Step2: Connect your old iPhone and iPhone 5S to computer

Next, connect your iPhone 4/4S/5 and iPhone 5S to your PC through USB cables at the same time. After detected by this phone transfer tool, your old iPhone will be displayed in the left, while your iPhone 5S in the right. likewise, you can simply click "Flip" to change the place when your old iPhone is located in the right. If your iPhone 5S is full of many unimportant contacts, you can erase your iPhone contacts by ticking off "Clear data before copy".

Step3: Transfer contacts from old iPhone to iPhone 5S

As you see, contacts, photos and music are all marked. To copy contacts, you should uncheck photos and music. Then click "Start Copy". This phone transfer begins to transfer contacts. During contacts transferring, you ought not to disconnect either of your phones.

Now, you have succeeded in switching old iPhone contacts to iPhone 5S. That's all!

Warm prompt :
1) Make sure both of your phones are connected all the time during the data transfer process.
2) You can empty the destination phone by clicking Clear data before copy if you need.
3) You need to install iTunes on your PC, if you intend to transfer data from or to iOS.

More information of Phone to Phone Transfer:

Phone to Phone Transfer is a powerful and professional tool which designed to Transfer various contents between two Phones with one click among Android, Symbian and iOS devices. It is allows you transfer not simply contacts, but also SMS, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps 100%risk-free. This easy-to-use and innovative Phone Transfer software provides you a competent and effective solution if you've purchased a new smartphone and want an easy way to migrate (or backup) your data files.

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