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Music Manager for Mac

Music Manager for Mac

Manage and Clean up iTunes Music Library on Mac.Organize and retrieve missing song, artist, genre, and album art in your music library.

- Auto repair and song name, artist information, and more mislabeled song
- Download missing album artwork
- Find and download lyrics
- Remove duplicate songs to free hard disk space
- Automatic batch processing save you time manually search
- Fix mislabeled songs in your music library


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How to give your music collection a complete makeover

It can be when your iTunes music library lost interspersed with songs, artist information, album cover when the songs on the iTunes Store are not purchased to be increased. TidyMyMusic Mac is an all-in-one solution, which uses advanced acoustic fingerprinting technology to accurately locate and add the artist name, song name, album art, genre information, and so on. You can even download and view the lyrics and removing duplicate tracks.

Fix missing and mislabeled music information

Farewell as "Unknown Artist" and "Track 01" and say hello to complete the song name label and artist information. TidyMyMusic the Mac to do it all quickly and easily.

Easy to find missing album artwork

Do not settle for boring icon in your music library, you can have, instead of the original album artwork. TidyMyMusic the Mac to find and download album art to make your database look best.

View lyrics too!

When listening to your music, you might want to check the lyrics so you can sing along. TidyMyMusic the Mac to find and download the lyrics instant viewing.

Farewell duplicate songs

Duplicate MP3 files take up a lot of valuable hard disk space. TidyMyMusic the Mac will automatically identify repeat, it is left up to you to choose which one, and has to go. You can say it is the best of both worlds, if you like.

Go get the track info

A permanent fix, you can carry it anywhere. The retrieved information or ID3 tags, including details of the track, lyrics and album art embedded into MP3 file itself. So you can with MP3 files to other devices, such as your iPod, iPad, iPhone, and more synchronized all information.

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TidyMyMusic for Mac automatically finds and downloads all information for your music. After that, you can apply the information to every piece of song as you want. Let’s see how it works below.

Step 1: Import your music library to the program

For iTunes library:

All the music on iTunes will be automatically added to the file tray under Tidy iTunes when the program opens.

For local music:

For music outside of iTunes, you can directly drag the music files or folders to the program under Tidy Music.

Step 2: Scan to identify songs and find duplicates

It works the same under Tidy iTunes and Tidy Music and we will take the Tidy iTunes window as an example. Click the Scan button after ticking the checkbox of “Search for Unidentified Songs” and “Search for Duplicated Songs”. The program will then start to scan the whole library to identify all the songs and find duplicates.

Step 3: Apply the information to the songs

After the scanning is over, click “Identified Songs” in the status bar. Select one song and its information will show in the right column. After checking, click Apply on the bottom right. Then the information will be added to the music files. You can also select several songs to apply at the same time.

Step 4: Edit the Information if you like

You can also edit the information after applying the found information. Click the Pencil icon shown in the following picture and fill-in the editing field or drag any image to the album art area.

Step 5: Remove duplicated songs

Click “Duplicated Songs” in the status bar. Then choose one song in the file tray and all files of the same song will show up in the right column. Usually the music file with higher quality will be put a tick and the lower quality a cross. Press the Dedupe button to remove the songs to trash.

Free download the Trial Verison

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