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Google will realease new designed 5.0 Android System- Key Lime Pie in October

Five years ago (2008), Google released the HTC Dream G1, which first listed on the Android devices. Then the Android system grow rapidly after G1 released in the global smart phone market, since then, more than 1 billion units Android device are activated, Android also a very mature ecosystem,now begin to expand into the cameras, watches and even the refrigerator.

The history of the development of Android system released by Google employees.

Android 5.0
will be the next generation of the Android operating system, as of October 1, 2013 has not been released. Google Android 5.0 will be named “Key Lime Pie”. On the 2012 Google I / O conference in San Francisco, Google announced that the launch of Android 4.1 operating system, codenamed “Jelly Bean” , whereas before, “Jelly Bean” was once considered to be Android 5.0 Code.
This image from the Android designer Jinesh Shah rendering of the 5.0 “Key Lime Pie” system looks pretty good, and from the picture will be able to see some exciting function. From the picture, the conceptual design of Android system desktop icons and components of a transparency adjustment, and various desktop widgets can also overlap display. Although adjusting desktop components of transparency of the Android system is nothing new, but so beautiful transparency setting we really first met. In addition to the overall tone more fresh, from the image we don't see many other changes.

Before the beginning of Google I/O conference which held between 2013 May 15-17.Outsides guess Google will release a new generation of Android 5.0 in this conference. It is possible to use Android 5.0 mobile phone has two kinds: Motorola X phone and next generation Nexus.

But in the 2013 May I/O convention Google in addition to publishing original version of Samsung Galaxy S4 does not bring any new hardware, no distribution of Android 5.0 .
Key Lime Pie” may will meet you in 2013, October 5th, and according to the news before, Android 5.0 new system will be released in October of this year.Let’s look forward to Google give us surprise of the new designed Android 5.0 .

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