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How to recover lost files from USB Flash Drive

How to recover lost files from USB Flash Drive

Many people will ask how to recover lost files from USB? How to recover deleted files from USB flash drive? In general, USB flash drive data loss usually have the following situations: Accidentally deleted files from a USB flash drive, and can not find them in the recycle bin or trash; from a USB flash drive data loss when transferring files of unknown ; The computer shut down and some files are lost due to forget to unplug the USB flash drive; USB flash drive from viruses or malicious software attacks and files are hidden or deleted; USB flash drive file for unknown reasons become inaccessible.For above reason,actually you can recover lost photo, video and other lost files from USB,to recover lost files from USB,all you need is a USB Files Recovery.

This USB File Recovery software can help you recover photo, video, audio, document or other lost files from USB,no matter you USB was deleting, formatting, virus infection, and other reasons,you can use the USB Data Recovery to get back all lost files easily.Next,the use guide shows you how to recover files from a formatted USB drive with USB unformatted software.

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How to Recover Lost Files from USB only 3 Step

Tips: Before performing USB flash drive data recovery, what you should do firstly is to minimize the data loss and increase the possibility of successful USB recovery. This use guide taking the Windows version as an example. With only a few clicks, you can recover all your lost data from your USB drive without quality loss.If you use Mac version,you can use Data Recovery for Mac

Step1. Connect your USB drive to the computer and launch the program on your computer.

Step2. Select the file type that you want to recover.

Step2. Choose to recover files from your USB drive (External removable devices).

Before scanning, you can check "Enable Deep Scan", which can help to perform a more comprehensive scanning for lost files from your USB drive, such as lost due to formatting. Of course, you also can skip it to scan if you don't have this need, for it asks for much more time.

Step3. Preview and recover files from your USB drive

When performing data recovery, you can't save those recovered files on the same USB drive again. You can save them on other external devices or directly save on your computer.

What’s more about USB Data Recovery:

USB Data Recovery provides safe, fast and total recovery. Quick, Complete Recovery of Over 500 File Formats. This cost-effective and non-destructive data recovery tool with unique recovery modes helps you perform data recovery thoroughly. No matter the files were lost because of system error, formatting or deletion, you can effortlessly to recover lost files with this safe and easy USB data recovery.What’s more, the USB Drive Data Recovery is the support of various files types, including photos, videos, audio files and document files, etc. 

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