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Restore Contacts on iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Restore Contacts on iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C running on iOS 7 system.However, if you want to recover contacts on iPhone 5s/5c,you need to use a ios 7 data recovery software.Next,there are two truth story about lost iPhone contacts:

"Help! Yesterday, I jailbreaked my iPhone 5s,it cause lost all of my important contacts,how can I restore contacts from iPhone 5s without without iTunes backup?"
After restore my iPhone 5c to factory settings,I found my contacts were lost,I remember I have regularly backed up my iPhone on iTunes,is there any way to recover contacts from iTunes backup without connect my iPhone 5c to the computer?

In our daily life, many iPhone users may encountered similar problems.No matter you lost contacts or accident deleted contacts on iPhone 5s/5c,you can recover iPhone contacts without or with iTunes backup.iPhone Contacts Recovery can help you recover contacts from iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s,this ios data recover supports restore any data from ios 7 devices directly,if you update your iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 to ios 7,and cause lost contacts,SMS,Photo,video and more,this ios 7 data recovery tool can help you get all lost files back.There are two recovery mode provides you get lost contacts back from iPhone: Recover lost contacts on your iPhone directly; Restore deleted iPhone contacts from iTunes backup.What’s more, you can retriever Contacts, SMS, Video, Photo, Notes from iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS without iTunes backup.Next, the use guide shows you how to recover contacts from iPhone 5s/5c.

You can get a free trial version download here to recover your lost iPhone contacts:

Follow the tutorial below and learning how to recover lost or deleted iPhone contacts in two different recovery modes - "Recover from iTunes Backup File" and "Recover from iOS Device".

    Mode 1: Recover iPhone 5s/5c Contacts from iTunes Backup

    Mode 2: Directly restore Lost Contacts from iPhone 5s/5c

Mode 1: Recover iPhone 5s/5c Contacts from iTunes Backup

Step 1 Choose the Recovery Mode
Install and run iOS Data Recovery (Mac) on your computer. Select the type of your device and choose "Recover from iTunes Backup". (Here we take iPhone 4 for an example)

Choose the Recovery Mode-Recover from iTunes Backup:

Step 2 Scan the Backup File from the iTunes
If you have backed up your iPhone constantly, or synced more than one Apple device on the computer before, there will be several backup files displayed in the window. Choose the right and latest backup version, then, click "Start Scan" to go on.

Step 3 Choose and Recover iPhone Lost Contacts
After scanning, you'll be showed a list of lost data files on the left below the name of your device, including Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Contacts, Messages, etc. Check "Contacts" and choose those contacts you want back. Click "Recover" to restore those lost or deleted contacts on your computer. Done!

Mode 2: Directly restore Lost Contacts from iPhone 5s/5c

This recovery mode provides for those iPhone in hand,you can connect the iPhone to computer,and get lost or deleted contacts back directly from your iPhone. This recovery mode not only provides for iPhone 5s/5c users, but also it works for iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS, please follow the next use guide.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone 5s/5c to Computer and Choose your ios Device

After install and run the ios data recovery program on your computer. Then connect your iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s to the computer.

Step 2: Select the Recovery Mode-Recover from iOS Device
If you use iPhone 5s/5c or iPhone 5/4s,you no need to download a plug-in for your iPhone before scanning,and turn to the next step.

Step 3: Scan and Recover iPhone Lost Contacts
Check "Contacts" in the list of scanning results on the left. Choose those you'd like to get back and click "Recover" to restore them on your computer.

Note: The scan results include data that are deleted and still exist on your device. If you only want back those deleted ones, you can slide the button at bottom to only display deleted items.
All the lost contacts are restored and save on your computer,if you need to transfer the restored contacts from computer to iPhone again,you can use this iPhone Data Transfer to take them back to your iPhone 5s/5c.


What’s more about iPhone Contacts Recovery:

iPhone Data Recovery not only can help you restore contacts on iPhone, but also allows you recover other lost files,such as photo, video, notes, sms messages and more.If you lost your iPhone,you can follow the first recovery mode to get lost contacts back from iTunes backup files.In additional,under what circumstances you can recover iPhone contacts: Accidently deleted contacts on your iPhone; your iPhone device is crashed, smashed or broken cause lost all of your contacts; the iPhone is locked by a forgotten password,and you need to get contacts from iPhone; your iPhone is lost or wiped (eg. freshly upgraded to a new iOS, restored to factory settings, jailbroken or refurbished) cause lost contacts on your iPhone.However, to avoid losting contacts on your iPhone,you must to backup iPhone files to computer,once lost contacts, you can use this iPhone data recovery to get all lost contacts backup from iPhone or iTunes back files.Now, you can free download this ios data recovery and have a try.

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