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How to Restore iPhone 4S Contacts from iTunes Backup

How to Restore iPhone 4S Contacts from iTunes Backup

Restore Deleted Contacts,Lost Contacts from iPhone 4S Backup Files from iTunes.Many iPhone users lost contacts after synced iPhone to iTunes,failed synchronization may cause you to lose contacts from iPhone 4S,even all of your contacts on your address book had disappeared; Sometimes you may not careful to delete the wrong address book contacts on iPhone 4S.Fortunately,you have synced you iPhone before,how to extract iTunes backup files and restore deleted contacts for iPhone 4S? How to restore iPhone 4S lost contacts from iTunes backup files? Can I restore iTunes lost data?Many iPhone users will ask similar questions.

Actually, iTunes will automatically backup your iPhone/iPod and iPad files,but this files is an SQLite database that you can't access,you must to use a professional iTunes data recovery tool or iPhone recovery software to extract this SQLite database to preview and get the content when you accidentally deleted or lost your iPhone iPad iPod data.

This iPhone Contact Recovery is especially design for iPhone users to restore lost contacts from iTunes backup file, or recover lost contacts from iPhone 4S directly without backup iTunes. What’s more,this iPhone 4S data recovery not only supports restore lost contact, but also recover other deleted/lost data from iPhone 4S,such as SMS, calendar, call history, notes, photos and videos and more. In addition,the iPhone Contact Recovery works well with iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad/iPod as well,you can easily to recover lost contacts from iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS directly,or restore any lost data from iTunes backup files.

Please do not hesitate to free download the trial version below,and restore your lost contacts from your iPhone 4S
There are two ways for you to restore lost contacts from iPhone 4S: "Directly scan and restore  contacts from iPhone 4S", or "Scan and restore contacts from iTunes backup file" to get lost contacts back for iPhone 4S. Next,the use guides shows you how to restore iPhone 4S Contacts from iTunes Backup:

Tutorials: How to Restore iPhone Contacts from iTunesBackup files?

Notes: This recovery mode allows you to restore previous data by extracting iTunes backup files. That's to say, you need to have synced your device with iTunes before you lost data. Another important thing is that don't sync your device with iTunes after you lost your data, for iTunes will automatically update the backup file every time you sync with it. You'll lose your previous data forever if the backup file is updated.Once you have sync your device with iTunes,please recover lost data from iPhone directly.

Step.1 Scan the backup file from iTunes

You don't need to connect and sync your iPhone with iTunes before you run the program. Run it and choose the backup of your iPhone on which you are going to restore contacts. If you only have one Apple device connected and synced with iTunes before, there would be only one device backup. Then go to "Start Scan", and move on.

Step.2: Choose to restore iPhone contacts

When the scanning finishes, all the content in the previous backup file will be separated out, and you can preview all of the one by one.
To restore contacts from iPhone, check the box in front of the "Contacts", and hit on the "Recover" to save it on your computer.

Step.3: Transfer contacts to iPhone

After preview, mark those you want and click "Recover" to save them on your computer. As to contacts, you can save them in CSV, vCard or HTML format; to messages, save them in CSV or HTML format.


Now the contact exists on your computer in a .vcf file. You only need to import it into the Apple or Windows Address Mail, and then transfer it to your iPhone through iTunes. Then everything is done here.

More information of iPhone 4S Data Recovery:

iPhone 4S Contact Recovery is the world’s first iPhone 4S data recovery,this iPhone data recovery tool is very popular for iOS users,with this iOS data recovery,you can easily to restore lost contacts from iPhone 4S directly, or recover iTunes backup files to get backup lost contacts,the iPhone files recovery can restore other lost files, such as SMS messages, photos, videos, note,bookmarks, apps, etc. from iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS. No matter you deleted iPhone 4S contacts or your iPhone 4S was lost/damage/stolen,you can recover all contacts from iPhone 4S.In addition,the are two Recovery Modes Provided for you:
Recover data from iOS Device directly
Recover from the previous iTunes Backup

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