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How to Recover Lost Data or Deleted Files from SD Card

How to Recover Lost Data or Deleted Files from SD Card

Want to recover lost data from SD Card on your digital devices like cameras, handheld computers, mobile phones, video game consoles, etc? Many people may ask,if I accidentally deleted photos and videos on my SD Card,is it really gone? Once I format my SD Card, can I recover formatted files from my SD card

Actually, the data is only marked as "lost" and the space it occupied as "available to reuse". You can access them but they still exist on the SD card and will not disappear untill the space is reused by new data. Therefore, to keep the memory stick intact is the very important and is the first thing you should do after you lost your photos from SD card.Therefore, when you delete precious photos, videos and other data in SD card by mistake, don’t panic.You can recover any lost photo, video and more from SD card with a SD Card data recovery tool.

SD Card Data Recovery can help you restore all your lost, deleted, formatted and inaccessible photos, videos and audio files from different storage device including digital camera, memory card, USB drive, hard drive, etc. Next,I show you the use guide to recover lost data from SD Card.
Tutorial: How to Recover Lost Data/ Deleted Files from SD Card ? 

Tips: The Wondershare Photo Recovery is a part of Wondershare Data Recovery,you can free download the Data Recovery and have a try

Step 1. Connect your SD card to a computer and install Data Recovery on that computer. Run the program and click "Start" in the start interface as follow.

Step 2. Choose the drive letter of your SD card and click "Scan" to search lost or deleted files from your SD card.

Step 3. When the scan finishes, you will be able to preview found files so as to check whether your lost files are found or not. Then select files you want to recover from  SD card with one click.

Free download the Wondershare Data Recovery,and recover lost data from your SD Card only with 3 steps:
What’s more about SD Card Data Recovery:

Data Recovery Software not only supports recover SD Card lost data,but also supports recover photo, video and other files from from your PC’s hard drive and external storage devices,like digital cameras, mobile phone memory card, MP3/MP4, USB drive, hard drive.This Data Recovery can recover other files, such as Emails,Office documents, Archieves, PDF files, etc. from your computer or other storage media.What’s more,Wondershare Data Recovery can perform SD card data recovery under the below scenarios:

» Accidentally deleted files from SD card
» Formatted SD card
» SD card got corrupted or inaccessible
» Virus inflection
» Power failure
» Others

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