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How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

Thanks to a high-performance camera function of android phone, you can just bring your Android phone instead digital camera on your trips. At the same time, you also have iPhone and you don’t want to lose any wonderful pictures about your life. It is out of necessity to copy your all photos from Android Phone to iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C. However, iPhone does not come with an external SD card and you cannot pair the devices via Bluetooth either. It seems to be a very tricky thing because Android phone and iPhone belong to two different smartphone operators and operating systems. There is no way to sync photos from Android phone to iPhone? In fact, you can pull the job off easily with a phone data transfer.

Phone to Phone Transfer is an user-friendly phone data transfer software, with this professional multi-platforms transfer tool, you can directly transfer albums and photos from Android smartphone to iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C by 1 click. Besides, this phone data transfer is 100% safe, so you don't need to worry about the risk of your phones' data. The guide as below is going to show you how to transfer photos from Android to iPhone.
Next,Use guides teach you how to transfer any data from Android Phone to iPhone step by step:

Step 1. Install and launch Phone to Phone Transfer on computer

First of all, download and install Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer with below button.

Now, follow me to begin to transfer your Android pictures to iPhone.

Guide of sync photos from Android smartphone to iPhone

Fitstly, download and install the program on you computer, then follow the next step.

Step 1: Run the Phone to Phone transfer

After correctly intall this transfer tool on your computer. Then, run the program and the user interface will display as below:

Tips: Before using the phone to phone transfer,
you must to install iTunes on your computer, if not, intall it firstly.

Step 2: Connect both Android phone and iPhone to computer
Connect both your Android phone and iPhone to computer by using USB cables. As soon as they are connect, Phone Transfer will automatically
detect both of them. You are able to see the home window:

Note: You can also click the "Flip" button to change the place of the two phones to transfer iPhone data to Android phone.

Step 3: Transfer photos/pictures from Android phone to iPhone
Before you syncing photos and albums, only mark the "Photos". Then, click the
"Start Copy" button. During the copying, you can check or cancel the photos that you want to transfer. When the process is finish, click "OK".

Note: Do not disconnected phones during the photos tranferring process.

More information of Phone to Phone Transfer:

Phone to Phone Transfer : Directly Transfer various contents between two Phones with one click among Android, Symbian and iOS devices. Powerful functions allow you to transfer not simply contacts, but also SMS, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps 100%risk-free. This easy-to-use and innovative Phone Transfer software provide you a competent and effective solution if you've purchased a new smartphone and want an easy way to migrate (or backup) your data.

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