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How to update iPhone iPad iPod to iOS 9/8?

How to update iPhone iPad iPod to iOS 9/8?

Let us look forward to the iOS 9 has finally arrived. Although now only develop test version, but it still can not stop our desire.Remember the time when our watching the iOS 7 Released conference video, and did not feel how good it is, but when installed on the iPhone after a very different feeling to it. The entire interface style gives the feeling of refreshing simplicity, many netizens called "small fresh" style. iOS 7 with a new streamlined interface design,relative to the previous plan were designed starker, can be regarded as the largest since the release from the iOS System a revolution.

iOS beta 7 is now officially released. Update iOS9.0 There are three main methods. First, through the iOS device is connected to the wireless, directly through the OTA upgrade. The second is to connect your iOS device to your computer to update on iTunes. Third, the first download iOS7.0 firmware by restoring way to update the firmware. Here each of these three methods will be described. OTA iOS devices through direct upgrade this method,Update/Install iOS 9 Beta To Your iPhone Right Now(The same steps to update iPad, iPod to iOS 9):

The first part: Upgrade the firmware system preparation before iOS7

Step 1: If you have a developer account, you can go directly to Apple's official website to download the Developer Preview. Rumors online without developer account for iOS 7 firmware system, a friend might be interested in the online search through Google "ios7 beta download" keyword, and then download the firmware of the system for their own models.

Step 2: Of course, if you have friends or use other means to turn their device identifier (UUID) was added to the developer account, you can copy down the first device identifier. The iPhone to the computer using the data cable connected, open iTunes software. Click on the top right iTunes "iPhone" icon, as shown in Figure

Step 3: the iPhone Summary page, click the "Serial Number" column, as shown

Step 4: When we click on the serial number, the software will display the device identifier (UUID), then right-click to copy identifier. Then the identifier saved, as shown in Figure

Step 5: If you downloaded the firmware file is a DMG format system, then we need to use "UltraISO" software tools to extract the firmware system.

Step 6: trial version here "UltraISO" for example, open the File menu in the software after clicking the "Open" option as shown

Step 7: Select the file in the pop-up window, select the DMG file, click "Open" button, as shown

Step 8: After opening the DMG file, select the firmware system files, click the right mouse button and choose "extract", as shown

Step 9: Then select the destination path, click on the "OK" button, as shown

Part II: use iTunes to restore to the iPhone firmware iOS7

Step 1: here to iPhone, for example, the iPhone and the computer with a data cable connected, open the iTunes software. Click on the top right iTunes "iPhone" icon, as shown in Figure

Step 2: the iPhone summary page, hold down the keyboard "shift" key, and then click the "Check for Updates" button, as shown

Step 3: the system firmware in the pop-up file selection window, select the local computer in the iOS 7 firmware file, click "Open" button, as shown

Step 4: Now iTunes will prompt us will erase all the content, but also will work with the Apple server authentication recovery. Click the "Restore" button, as shown

Step 5: Start iTunes and then extract the firmware iOS 7 system files.

Step 6: When extracting files is completed, iTunes will restore the system to the iOS firmware on iPhone, as shown

Step 7: After finally wait for recovery completion into iOS 7 initialization settings.

After installation is complete interface:

iOS 7 main screen interface display

iOS 7 lock screen display

iOS 7 Keyboards interface display


*If you do not develop all accounts, there may be a case can not be activated phone, so be careful before upgrading ten million.
*If your device is jailbroken, the suggestion is to first restore the apparatus to now the latest firmware version iOS 6.
*Upgrade iOS 7 before creating backup important data, such as contacts, photos, documents and so on.
*Because the current iOS 7 is in beta, system stability is not very good, sometimes encounter program flash back or the system automatically restart situation. Another personal feeling running speed is not fast, use will often have Caton phenomenon.
*Experience for reference only, if you need to solve specific problems (especially in law, medicine and other fields), we recommend that you consult professionals in related fields in detail.

Tips: Befor you update your iPhone,iPad and iPod to iOS 7 or iOS 6,you must to backup all data from iOS device to computer/Mac; After update iPhone to iOS 7,you need to recover iPhone lost data,such as Contacts, SMS, Photos, Video, Notes and more.

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